Vingoe Family Law

Cornish family law

Vingoe Family Law are a small specialist family law practice based in the southwest of England and serving the whole of the country. The owner, Anthony Vingoe, has specialised in Family Law for over 2 decades. In recent years his successful practice has grown by adding further legal specialists to his team. There are now 3 associate solicitors and a para legal working under the brand.

It was clear from the first encounter with this business owner that he had great drive and enthusiasm to build his business further using a unique business model that was not restricted by premises or geography. In fact, using a ‘shared cost model’ as found in other sectors such as osteopathy and catering, the business could add new associates quickly allowing each new member of the team a lower entry and running cost whilst providing (VFL) a lower overheads base along with an opportunity to increase business.

In order for the model to work effectively, there needed to be a flow of business enquiries and leads from the Company website that could be converted into lucrative business opportunities for ‘VFL’ to satisfy the needs of each additional associate.

It was identified that the best way to achieve this was to procure the services of a specialist in Website Marketing, particularly one that could work with the company’s current website and improve its reach and usefulness.  The konnect for Business team assisted with the following activities:

  • Procuring the services of a trusted specialist in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) a full analysis of VFL’s website presence online was completed.
  • A deep dive review of over 200 keywords was carried out on the Company website, the positionality of each result and their relative market reach.
  • Full analysis of competitors websites in the same market segment and their search result position in search engines.
  • Full explanation of the current effectiveness of the website and detailed review of what could and should be done next to improve the online marketing reach of the business.

As a result of the support provided by Konnect for Business

  • ‘Vingoe Family Law’ are more confident of their current positioning with their direct competitors.
  • The Company have a much-improved understanding of the importance of keywords and copy on their own website.
  • The business has entered a 12-month contractual relationship with the SEO specialist through ‘Konnect for Business’ to provide ongoing advice and hands on support to make the changes to the website necessary to facilitate growth to the next level.