Stems Florist, Cornwall, UK

Florist working on bouquet

Stems Florists are a small floristry retail business in Camborne West Cornwall. Having purchased the business post pandemic, Stems grew quite quickly but were challenged by several unique factors that potentially adversely affected their business model. Most of the business came from funeral and wedding arrangements and a delivery service was being provided to the public in the area.

A full discovery session was provided by one of the ‘Konnect for Business’ Mentors. During this exploratory session a full analysis of the business operation was conducted in a detailed question and answer session.

The two business partners were clearly excellent florists and had generally competent business skills. However, it was clear that having moved premises to a quieter side road in Camborne due to a structural integrity issue with their previous high street location and their contractual relationship with Interflora disproportionately eating into the business profit potential. Both partners agreed that the work they were currently doing on a new website would solve the Interflora challenge, but they needed more specific Business development advice to move the business forward and increase resilience.

Following this initial ‘discovery ‘ session Konnect were able to procure the services of a top level Business development specialist who would come along side the business owners.

Support provided a comprehensive Business Growth & Marketing report which includes and addresses the following: –

  • Background;

  • Values;

  • Marketing opportunities;

  • Email newsletter;

  • GDPR;

  • Incentives;

  • Loyalty programmes;

  • Referral systems;

  • Partnership working

  • Creative Content

  • Brand awareness

  • SEO- Search engine optimisation

  • Social Media impact

As a result of the support provided Stems Florist are currently implementing each element of the Business development plan to ensure they maximise all opportunities open to them.

When asked how the process has worked for them, they quoted… “The advice has been great, really helpful. It’s given us loads of ideas…Thanks very much”.