Hoffmann Haulage, Cornwall, UK





Situated in St Austell, Hoffmann Haulage is low carbon transport solution based in Cornwall. They provide a fully electric, low carbon method of transport with excellent links to deliver throughout the county of Cornwall.

The company started with the vision to play a vital role in a green future for Cornwall and the next generations. Hoffman Haulage have a commitment to a low carbon economy in Cornwall and also works paperless throughout all of its processes.

The Brief

It was important for the directors to ensure that they were fully transparent and correct with their emissions statements. They needed a comprehensive assessment and understanding of their carbon emissions, a reduction plan and legitimate options to offset to operate in a carbon positive way.

The Solution

The Konnect For Business team were able to work with the client to calculate and understand their carbon footprint across all three scopes of emissions as outlined by the GHG protocol. This can be a tricky process to access the correct data and accurately calculate.




To complete the task it was necessary to have a full understanding of recording carbon emissions, compliance and reporting standards. Using the correct GHG conversion factors, we were able to produce an accurate carbon footprint for the organisation based on the last 12 months of business activity, advise on how to scale the organisation with minimal impact and offset any hard to remove emissions accurately and responsibly.

The Results


  • An accurate and detailed carbon footprint analysis

  • A comprehensive understanding of high sources of CO2e

  • A carbon reduction plan in line with net zero targets

  • Advice and guidance in how to record, report and offset correctly and compliantly


Carbon reporting is just one of the many support areas we are delivering to organsiations in Cornwall.